forMyGroup - for Your Group
"... we get rewarded when our members do their normal shopping,
its so easy!"
Working with local businesses to
help support local community groups
Raise funds from more businesses,
Simple management of rewards,
Support the businesses that support you,
Strengthen your Group

How's it work?

Members make a purchase at
supporting businesses then scan the
QR code to acquire the points for
your group.
At agreed milestones the business will provide a reward to your group.
Benefits Effort Cost
How's it work? Sign Up/In

Making it easy to work with Business to support your community....
As a sporting or community club do you struggle to provide value to your sponsors?
Do you have a list of local businesses that support you, but your members don’t often support them?
Do you worry that your sponsors are not getting value for their money?

What if you could make it easier for your members to demonstrate their support?
Wouldn’t it be great if new club members could find your sponsors straight away?
What if your sponsors could know every time a club member comes into their business?
What if each business could measure how much support your club is giving them?

Sponsors that see genuine new business from their support are much more likely to renew their sponsorship next year.

We are already working with clubs, teams and associations in Ballarat.
You can join them, reap the rewards at minimal cost.
In fact, it will streamline your sponsorships system, and the results take care of themselves.
It doesn’t matter whether you have 50 members or 1000.

forMyGroup will:
Streamline your sponsorship system.
Make your group attractive to sponsors.
Give your sponsors value for their support.
Measure the results so you can report to your committee.


Benefits Effort Cost How's it work? Sign Up/In

How can my Group Benefit?.
Support from a wider group of businesses
Rewards can be used for fundraising
Requests for support are simplied via forMyGroup portal

Effort? - Just 6 thing to do
  1. Sign Up

    No sign up fee

    Sign up and provide some details.

  2. Partner

    Link to local Business

    Join or invite businesses to become forMyGroup partners
    Present your Group QR code and it will take the business through the sign up process

  3. Agree

    on Rewards and Milestones

    Use the business standard understanding
    or negotiate a custom one
    Agree and lock the agreement in
    Start acquiring points

  4. Broadcast

    Let your members know

    Email or present your members with the Group QR code
    Members join or link their existing account your organisation

  5. Promote

    Support the Business that support you.

    Encourage your members to use the business
    Once they acquire the points they can allocate them to your group

  6. Manage

    Support when you need it.

    Review the status email you will get around the 15th of the month
    Use the Group account logon to the forMyGroup portal
    View the status of rewards
    Claim rewards at agreed milestones
    Provide receipt to the business
    Process the reward voucher provided by the business

No setup cost
No usage cost
No member cost
Simple $2 fee when you receive a reward from a participating business **
Billed after every 5th reward ( $10 per invoice )

** participating businesses also pay a fee to have access to forMyGroup.


How's it work?