forMyGroup - for Your Business
".. sponsorship is easier and my loyalty program only rewards
existing customers, this brings in new ones!"
Want to support locals?
Get more business?
Easily manage community sponsorship?
A simple way to grow your business
Attract more customers
Support any community group
Reward those that support you

How's it work?

Sign Up, set your reward, put up the
POS display.
Action the monthly status email.
Reward those that support you.
Community sponsorship managed.
Benefits Effort Cost
How's it work? Sign Up/In

When group members make a purchase, they scan the QR code on the POS display
allowing them to bank the points and allocate to their preferred group.
At agreed milestones your business will provide a reward to their group

forMyGroup is the
Community Rewards Program

that allows you to
Manage sponsorship
Support the community that supports you....
As a business, do you struggle to see value in the sponsorships you faithfully fork out every year?
Do the local clubs and associations you support, support you in return?
Do you see any dollar value in that support, or is it just good will?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that sponsorship into genuine new customers?
And wouldn’t it be great if you could not only see the results, but measure them in tangible terms?

forMyGroup will:
Streamline your sponsorship system.
Drive new customers to your business.
Give you value for your sponsorship dollars.
Measure the results.


Benefits Return Effort Cost

What are the Benefits for my business?.
Support those that support you.
Connection with community groups.
Expand your reach by attracting individuals from diverse groups.
Broadcast business identity to new audiences.
Complete management solution for rewards.
The entire cost of participating in forMyGroup is a "Promotional Spend".
Rewards are offered as vouchers for in-house purchases, bringing more business and reducing the actual cost.
Only 95-98% of Vouchers for rewards are presented.
Requests for sponsorship can be referred to the forMyGroup web site.

Where is my Return?.
Demonstrate and promote your commitment to the local community.
The value of receipted reward vouchers is claimable as a business expense.
Only costs you when a customer acquires points.
Simplify and maximise your promotional spend.

How much Effort is it?
Really not much, once signed up all you have to do is action the monthly status email.
Sign up and provide some details.
Establish a "standard" reward offer or create an understanding with a Group.
Display created POS material to encourage purchases.
Review, monitor and manage reward levels and claims via the management portal.
Monitor progress and activity via the monthly status email.
Honour the reward when it is presented and flag it so it cant be presented again.
Claim the reward amount as "Promotional Spending" at face value.

All 5 components of the real cost


No sign up fee

Takes 20 minutes to sign up.
Establish a standard rewards offer.
Print POS Material.
Mount POS Material.


Close to none

The Group Members do all the work
They may require a receipt to as Proof of Purchase


Minimal time and effort

Just action the activity alert email you get on the 1st of the month.
Your commitment is to honour reward claims by the 15th of the month.
Portal is available should you want to be more hands on.
Honour reward certificate when presented.


Less than face value

You decide the reward.
Reward for the purchase Value, Reward for Visits, Reward for Units purchased
The reward In-store voucher or any equilivant reward - its your choice
The face value of in-store voucher is not its cost to your business.
Reward is fully deductable expense ( check with your advisor ).
May be offset by other purchases made when using the in-store voucher.

forMyGroup Charges

No activity then no charge. Pick how you want to reward groups to show how our charges are calculated
Amount Spent
Number of Visits
Items Purchased
The reward is based on the amount of money spent in your business
Example: For every $500 the group spends you will give them 2 x$25 vouchers
Cost: $5/week + 3 % of purchase value
Cafe Owner: "... its so simple to setup, I just put up the QR code and refer any sponsorship request to it, saves me heaps of time and allows me to support people easily. The $5 a week is one coffee and the 3% is good value given the people it brings in"
Provide a reward based on how many visits to your business
Example: for every 10 visits I will give the group 1
Cost: $5/week + $1 per visit
Physiotherapist: ".. I like supporting local clubs but it was really hard before forMyGroup. Now the clubs get their members to come to me and I dont have to do anything till they send in a reward request. All the details are there and I know they have already been here. $6 for the first group member each week then $1 after for what it does is easy.."
Give a reward based on how many items purchased from your business
Example: for every 20 items purchased you will give a voucher for 1
Cost: $5/week + 50c per item
Cinema: .. I get support requests all the time and now I just refer them to forMyGroup. Its so much better and I know I am getting a return that is fully managed. $5.50 for the first group member then 50c for each ticket after is really good value, it brings people in and means I dont need to spend time with sponsorship requests.
Calculated weekly, invoiced monthly, pay by direct deposit
Sign Up/In

How's it work?